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Falls (20th century)


crumlin tb Falls (20th century) CRUMLIN
Fell 13th Septmber, 1902 @ 1030 hrs
County Antrim, N Ireland
TKW 4255g
Sample: 0.75g
L4 ordinary chondrite nireland Falls (20th century)
N Ireland

Mount Pelée erupts in Martinique, killing 30,000 people.  Founding of the Carnegie Institution and the London School of Economics.

bath furn tb Falls (20th century) BATH FURNACE
Fell 15th November, 1902 @ 1845 hrs
Kentucky, USA
TKW 86kg
Sample: 0.71g
L6 ordinary chondrite usa2 Falls (20th century)

(as above)

shelburne tb Falls (20th century) SHELBURNE
Fell 13th August, 1904 @ 2000 hrs
Ontario, Canada
TKW 18.6kg
Sample: 0.05g
L5 ordinary chondrite canada Falls (20th century)

First New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, New York.  The Great Toronto Fire destroys most of downtown Toronto, but kills no-one.

vigarano tb Falls (20th century) VIGARANO
Fell 22 January, 1910 @ 2130 hrs
Emilia-Romagna, Italy
TKW 15kg
Sample: 0.41g
CV4 carbonaceous chondrite italy2 Falls (20th century)

Spectacular apparition of Halley’s Comet leads to media tales of cyanide poisoning from the comet’s tail; comet kills no-one.  Mark Twain, who had been born during the 1835 apparition, wrote in his autobiography that “I came in with Halley’s Comet… and I expect to go out with it”.  He did.

nahkla tb Falls (20th century) NAKHLA
Fell 28th June, 1911 @ 0900 hrs
Abu Hommos, Egypt
TKW 10kg
Sample: 0.02g
Martian nakhlite egypt Falls (20th century)

Roald Amunsden reaches the South Pole.  Ernest Rutherford discovers the atomic nucleus through scattering experiments. Heike Kamerlingh Onnes discovers superconductivity.

holbrook tb Falls (20th century) HOLBROOK
Fell 19th July, 1912 @ 1915 hrs
Arizona, USA
TKW 220kg
Sample: 1.3g
L6 ordinary chondrite usa2 Falls (20th century)

Sinking of the RMS Titanic, with the loss of 1,494 lives.  Founding of the Royal Flying Corps (predecessor to the RAF) in UK.  Presentation of Piltdown Man – an elaborate hoax which took 40 years to unravel.

meester tb Falls (20th century) MEESTER-CORNELIS
Fell 2nd June, 1915 @ 0600 hrs
West Java, Indonesia
TKW 24.75kg
Sample: 0.04g
H5 ordinary chondrite indonsia1 Falls (20th century)

Magnitude 6.8 earthquake in Avezzano, Italy kills 12,000 people.  Foundation of National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), predecessor of NASA.  First known pre-discovery image of Pluto. British Army tests world’s first prototype tank.

boguslavka tb Falls (20th century) BOGUSLAVKA
Fell 18th October, 1916 @ 1147 hrs
Primorsk Region, Russia
TKW 256kg
Sample: 0.21g
IIA iron hexahedrite russia2 Falls (20th century)

Easter Rising in Ireland. Invention of the light switch.  UK initiates daylight saving time.  Death of Rasputin.

strathmore tb Falls (20th century) STRATHMORE
Fell 3rd December, 1917 @ 1315 hrs
Perthshire, Scotland
TKW 13.4kg
Sample: 0.39g
L6 ordinary chondrite scotland Falls (20th century)

Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.  USA purchases Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25m. First income tax introduced in Canada as a “temporary measure”. Finland declares independence from Russia. Birth of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

richardton tb Falls (20th century) RICHARDTON
Fell 30th June, 1918 @ 2200 hrs
N Dakota, USA
TKW 90kg
Sample: 0.11g
H5 ordinary chondrite usa2 Falls (20th century)

Bolsheviks murder Emperor Nicholas II of Russia and his famiy in Ekaterinburg. 25 million people die as a result of the Spanish Flu pandemic.

saratov tb Falls (20th century) SARATOV
Fell 6th Septmber, 1918 @ 1500 hrs
Saratov Region, Russia
TKW 200kg
Sample: 2.1g
L4 ordinary chondrite russia2 Falls (20th century)

(as above)

cumberland tb Falls (20th century) CUMBERLAND FALLS
Fell 9th April, 1919 @ 1200 hrs
Kentucky, USA
TKW 17kg
Sample: 0.025g
Aubrite achondrite usa2 Falls (20th century)

Foundation of the League of Nations.  Grand Canyon is established as a National Park.  Eruption of Kelut in Java kills 16,000.  Arthur Eddington confirms predictions of General Relativity during total solar eclipse in Principe, off the west coast of Africa.

chaves tb Falls (20th century) CHAVES
Fell 3rd May, 1925 @ 1200 hrs
Traz-os-Montes, Portugal
TKW 2945g
Sample: 0.05g
Howardite achondrite portugal Falls (20th century)

Butler Act prohibits teaching of evolution in Tennessee.  Magnitude 6.3 earthquake destroys downtown Santa Barbara. Hitler publishes Mein Kampf.

boriskino tb Falls (20th century) BORISKINO
Fell 20th April, 1930 @ 1330 hrs
Orenburg Region, Russia
TKW 1342g
Sample: 0.03g
CM2 carbonaceous chondrite russia2 Falls (20th century)

Clyde Tombaugh discovers Pluto.  Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2 in the first World Cup final.  First Mickey Mouse comic strip.

karoonda tb Falls (20th century) KAROONDA
Fell 25th November, 1930 @ 2253 hrs
S Australia, Australia
TKW 41.73kg
Sample: 0.08g
CK4 carbonaceous chondrite austrlia2 Falls (20th century)

(as above).

tata tb Falls (20th century) TATAHOUINE
Fell 27th June, 1931 @ [0130 hrs
Foum Tatahouine, Tunisia
TKW 12kg
Sample: 2.5g
Diogenite tunisia Falls (20th century)

The original Dracula moving starring Bela Lugosi is released.  The Empire State Building is completed.  Mao declares the Chinese Soviet Republic.

kainsaz tb Falls (20th century) KAINSAZ
Fell 13th September, 1937 @ 1415 hrs
Tatarskaya, Russia
TKW 200kg
Sample: 1.63g
CO3.2 carbonaceous chondritte russia2 Falls (20th century)

Opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Bali Tiger is declared extinct.

pantar tb Falls (20th century) PANTAR
Fell 16th June 1938 @ 2045 hrs
Mindanao, Phillipines
TKW 2130g
Sample: 0.03g
H5 ordinary chondrite phillipn Falls (20th century)

Hitler annexes the Sudetenland.  Orson Welles’ radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds causes widespread panic across the United States.

norton tb Falls (20th century) NORTON COUNTY
Fell 18th February, 1948 @ 1656 hrs
Kansas, USA
TKW 1,100kg
Sample: 0.2g
Aubrite achondrite usa2 Falls (20th century)

Assassination of Gandhi.  Publication of the Alpher-Bethe-Gamow paper, which showed that the Big Bang would create elements hydrogen and helium in proportion to their abundance in the early universe.  Foundation of the modern state of Israel.

picsoon1 Falls (20th century) NIKOLSKOE
Fell 6th March, 1950 @ 1522 hrs
Moscow Region, Russia
TKW 6kg
Sample: 0.4g
L4 ordinary chondrite russia2 Falls (20th century)

Synthesis of element number 98 – Californium.  Scottish nationalists ‘liberate’ the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey.

monze tb Falls (20th century) MONZE
Fell 5th October, 1950 @ 0410 hrs
Southern Province, Zambia
TKW unknown
Sample: 2.2g
L6 ordinary chondrite zambia Falls (20th century)

(as above)

elenovka tb Falls (20th century) ELENOVKA
Fell 17th October, 1951 @ 1630 hrs
Donetsk  Region, Ukraine
TKW 54.64kg
Sample: 0.04g
L5 ordinary chondrite ukraine2 Falls (20th century)

UN headquarters open in New York. Remington Rand delviers the first UNIVAC 1 computer to the US Census Bureau.

ibitra tb Falls (20th century) IBITRA
Fell 13th June, 1957 @ 1715 hrs
Minas Gerais, Brazil
TKW 2500g
Sample: 0.02g
Monomict eucrite achondrite brazil1 Falls (20th century)

The Treaty of Rome establishes the European Economic Community.  IBM sells the first compiler for FORTRAN. Founding of the International Atomic Energy Agency.  Jodrell Bank radio telescope opens in Cheshire, UK.

millbill tb Falls (20th century) MILLBILLILLIE
Fell October, 1960
W Australia, Australia
TKW 330kg
Sample: 1.0g
Monomict eucrite achondrite austrlia2 Falls (20th century)

CERN particle accelerator inaugurated in Geneva. France tests its first atomic bomb. Cameroon, Togo, Mali, Somali Republic, Belgian Congo, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Chad, Central African Republic, Cyprus, Gabon, Senegal, Nigeria and Mauritania all gain independence from their former colonial powers.

djermaia tb Falls (20th century) DJERMAIA
Fell 25th February, 1961
Ndjamena, Chad
TKW ~3950g
Sample: micro
H chondrite chad Falls (20th century)

JFK becomes 35th Preseident of the United States. Synthesis of element 103, Lawrencium. Alan Shephard becomes the first American in space aboard Mercury-Redstone 3.

zagami tb1 Falls (20th century) ZAGAMI
Fell 3rd October, 1962
Katsina Province, Nigeria
TKW 18kg
Sample: 0.02g
Martian basaltic shergottite nigeria1 Falls (20th century)

Cuban missile crisis. Pope John XXIII excommunicates Fidel Castro. John Glenn becomes first American to orbit the Earth in Friendship 7. Death of Marylin Monroe.  First use of the term ‘personal computer’ in the media (New York Times).

barwell tb Falls (20th century) BARWELL
Fell 24th December, 1965 @ 1620 hrs
Leicestershire, England
TKW 44kg
Sample: 2.3g
L5 ordinary chondrite england Falls (20th century)

Alexey Leonov leaves Voskhod 2 for 12 minutes to become the first man to walk in space. Mariner 4 flies past Mars, returning the first detailed pictures of the planet. Winston Churchill dies aged 90.  Malcolm X is assassinated in New York.  Bob Dylan ‘goes electric’.

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