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Falls (pre 19th century)

elbogen 1400 150x150 Falls (pre 19th century) ELBOGEN
Fell 1400s
Zapadocesky, Czech Republic
TKW 107kg
Sample: 1.8g
Iron IID czech Falls (pre 19th century)Czech Republic

Owain Glyndwr is proclaimed Prince of Wales by his followers and begins attacking English strongholds in north-east Wales. Scotland resists an English invasion led by Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy. Europe is reported to have around 52 million inhabitants.


ensisheim 1496 150x150 Falls (pre 19th century) ENSISHEIM
Fell 7th November, 1492 @ 1130 hrs
Alsace, France
TKW 127kg
Sample: 0.29g
Brecciated LL6 ordinary chondrite france1 Falls (pre 19th century)

Columbus sets sail for the New World.  Ferdinand and Isabella defeat the Moors and expel the Jews from Spain. Da Vinci completes his Vitruvian Man.

tabor 1753 150x150 Falls (pre 19th century) TABOR
Fell 3rd July, 1753 @ 2000 hrs
Jihocesky, Czech Republic
TKW 7.5kg
Sample: micro
Brecciated H5 ordinary chondrite czech Falls (pre 19th century)
Czech R

Linnaeus publishes Species Plantarum, the first attempt at formal scientific classification of life. His Genus, species scheme is still used today. Establishment of the British Museum.


albareto 1766 150x150 Falls (pre 19th century) ALBARETO
Fell July, 1766
Emilia-Romagna, Italy
TKW 2kg
Sample: micro
L/LL4 ordinary chondrite italy Falls (pre 19th century)

Birth of Robert (father of Charles) Darwin, John Dalton (chemist and physicist).  Death of James Francis Edward Stuart, the “Old Pretender”, father of Bonnie Prince Charlie.


mauerkirchen 1768 150x150 Falls (pre 19th century) MAUERKIRCHEN
Fell 20th November, 1768 @ 1600 hrs
Ober-Österreich, Austria
TKW 19kg
Sample: micro
L6 ordinary chondrite austria Falls (pre 19th century)

Captain James Cook sails from Plymouth on his first voyage, will reach Australia in 1770.  Death of Italian master Canaletto.


siena 1794 150x150 Falls (pre 19th century) SIENA
Fell 16th June, 1794 @ 1900 hrs
Tuscany, Italy
TKW 3.7kg
Sample: micro
Brecciated LL5 ordinary chondrite italy Falls (pre 19th century)

Slavery is abolished by the French Republic.  US Senate opens first public session.  Coffee is banned in Sweden by royal decree.


woldcottage 1795 150x150 Falls (pre 19th century) WOLD COTTAGE
Fell 1795
TKW 25kg
Sample: 0.1g
L6 ordinary chondrite england Falls (pre 19th century)

France occupies Utrecht and Amsterdam, and adopts the metre as the unit of length. Daniel McGinnis discovers the Oak Island Money Pit.


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