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Exploration in Eve

dec serp moin install 300x147 Exploration in Eve

Serpentis Complex in low-sec

Exploration is one of the more interesting ways to make a living in Eve, and one I enjoy doing quite a lot.

The basic idea is to fit out a ship for longish trips away from home, and go see what you can find. (Sometimes two ships in turn – see below).

The main goal for exploration is to find complexes (or just plexes) hidden in space. These don’t show on your overview, they need to be scanned or probed down using a probe launcher and core scanner probes. (Usually. There are other kinds of probes with more specialised functions).

This takes a few minutes for each site, as you progressively zero in on them. There are 6 main kinds of result from this scanning.

  • Ladar sites: These contain gas clouds which can be harvested for raw materials used in the production of drugs or Tech III equipment
  • Gravimetric sites: Hidden asteroid sites which can be mined for their ore
  • Wormholes: These work in a similar way to stargates, but they can lead to either far-distant solar systems, or more usually to wormhole pockets (w-space)
  • Combat sites: Combat plexes give a chance to defeat the bad guys, but with better than usual loot. They may drop deadspace equipment which is much better than standard fare. They can also lead to escalations – a chance to set you chasing round the region in search of yet more combat and loot
  • Magnetometric sites: Here you are presented with ruined space stations or wrecked ships, perhaps the scene of a battle. You can salvage the items to get components which can be sold, or use an analyser module to retrieve other goodies such as blueprints
  • Radar sites: Using a codebreaker module, gain access to data silos and retrieve components which are used in R&D

As I primarily run the last two classes, I’ve been collating a catalog of radar and magnetic sites.

Unless stated otherwise, all these sites were run in this stealth Loki (or something close):

 Exploration in Eve


  • Fast, I get about 2km/s with the MWD
  • Decent tank – around 55K EHP with my skills
  • Efficient – nullifier means you can effectively ignore bubbles


  • No drone bay – hence 220mm rather than 425mm AC used for tracking
  • Limited DPS – about 420 with my skills. BS can take a long time to kill
  • Smallish cargo bay – 7000 rounds of ammo takes about half the space. Not a huge problem for salvage and components though

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