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Chronories diary software for Mac

chronories 150x150 Chronories diary software for Mac

It must be tough to market this app. ‘Diary’ is too small a term for what this programme does, but there isn’t really a snappy way to advertise a ‘diary – weather tracking – mood mapping – ¬†web history – music recording and more’ piece of software.
If you want to keep a diary, there are probably easier ways to do it. Chronories will gently prompt you each day by flashing a fairly unobtrusive icon in the menu bar. It also records a range of useful stats and information, and displays them in a number of formats. Applications used by day and by hours/day, what iTunes music you listened to, web sites you visited and email you processed.
It tracks the weather – when you’re complaining that you haven’t seen the sun in a fortnight, it can confirm that you’re right. A mood indicator lets you record your frame of mind and chart it over time, which may be useful for those with mood disorders, or if you’re just particularly introspective. You can even go back and see whether you were playing Kylie on up days, and Leonard Cohen on down (and ponder the relationship between association and causation) icon smile Chronories diary software for Mac
Really neat and a proper Mac application. Things I don’t like: a little slow to launch the main window from the menu bar. Would be nice to be able to do more with the database – the ‘Search’ function is a little primitive. Oh, and a flipbook through the screenshots and mugshots would be nice please icon smile Chronories diary software for Mac
All up a nice app and look forward to seeing future versions.

Chronories is published by Synium and is available via the Mac App Store for $29. They also do the excellent Mac Family Tree for $49.

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